Monday, July 6, 2009


Hi all... I'm not really back, but here is an update of what is new. Still doing the nursing thing, which is going good. I'm on break for the summer, but it doesn't feel like much of a break. Work, work, work, I'm still coaching Girls Fast Pitch Softball, the girls and I have camps all summer long, and we are seriously putting on a roof this summer! and a garage... and 2 entry ways... Projects galore! Plus, my mother-in-law in moving into town, so that has been another side-line project.

Update: Here is a picture of our new puppy... She turned 1 on July 5th - Happy Birthday Rizzo! I'll post a couple of pictures...

I'm out!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Too many irons in the fire

Life has gotten too busy, and I'm unable to maintain this blog any longer. Thanks for all of your support through this short blog process, and hopefully someday I'll get it going again. Maybe after nursing school, when life rebegins.
Take care!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got to Get a Life

I am so greatful to be getting back to my normal self. I've been sick, sick, sick. Barry and the girls quarentined me off at home for a couple of weeks. I missed almost a week of school, and then went because I just had to. After nearly recovering from the first round of being sick, now I have a secondary infection and I'm taking new meds. It's not as bad as the first time, but I'm ready to feel human again. It was viral, but I think it's turned bacterial. I am, however, back in school - a good thing.
It seems like all I do is complain anymore. I have got to get a life outside of sick, home, books, and school. I haven't even left the house to go to any of the girls' stuff. Bad Edna, Bad!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Witchy Cat

It's funny I was thinking how I didn't like my cat, because I guess the feeling must have been mutual. Barry and Harold (my nephew and replacement at the sign shop) left door of the sign shop open for a few minutes one afternoon, and he was like "I'm outta here!" So, woo hoo and good riddance! I just renamed this post, after telling a fellow nursing student/friend about this ungrateful cat, and we decided it was an evil cat. Anyway, it's gone now and I don't have to deal with it anymore. Thank God!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

School, cats, and life in general

School is going really good, but I am a bit overwhelmed at times. I am really enjoying the classes,and meeting so many great new people, but there is a ton to do. Besides reading - a Lot - we also have to stay up to date with our laptops. We will be taking all of our tests online, and we have to go online to find our assignments, discussions, calendars, schedules, etc. for each class, as well. I am soooo glad I took an online course last semester, otherwise I wouldn't have much of a clue as to how to work the program. I think what is most difficult is the distance, and living out of my suitcase, literally from day to day. Hoo well, we'll just have to see how it goes...
The cat! I think I really hate this cat, and therefore all siamese in general. Now that we have it indoors, it has absolutely no appreciation whatsoever for what we are doing for it, and therefore does not return any signs of love, or gratitude. Seriously, if it weren't so stinkin' cold, I would totally give it the boot. It will not come up to us and purr, or want to be held. Instead it slinks off at the mere sight of a human being walking through the front door. It will not even come around when we are putting out the food, water, and cleaning the litter box. And can I say, I have never seen a messier pooper! This cat has doesn't even try to keep the litter in the box. I think he/she sees it as a personal challenge to scatter it as far as possible. And I call it "it" because we cannot, for the life of us, tame the beast enough to even attempt to try to find out whether we are dealing with a poor frightened, pitiful, pregnant female - in that case, we would keep so the girls could experience the birth of kittens (something every child should see), or if it's a selfish, prone-to-spray male, in which case I would definitely give it the boot. It's nothing like our last cat, who was a male, but he was such a lover! Seriously, that cat would hug us, and I am positive he tried to talk to us, and he was so appreciative of food, constantly talking and purring, and letting us know he totally preferred the more expensive soft, canned cat food. But alas, he is gone and we are stuck with this difficult, wild thing. Do you have any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here Kitty, Kitty!

I'm trying out my new laptop and getting it, and myself, geared up for classes again, which start tomorrow. Yikes! Christmas and New Years came and went wonderfully, but oh so fast! I had good intentions to get caught up on my blogging and emailing, but did a rather pathetic job of it. I did receive good news this week that I made the Deans List with all A's this semester. Talk about happily suprised! I'm sure my GPA will not come as easily with the Nursing Program. For one, the grading scale is more difficult, and the course itself is challenging, too. But I've got my laptop, $900 worth of books (sheesh!), my scrubs, my clinical uniform, and I think I'm about ready to go. Now if only I can keep exercise as a priority now that school will be underway.
The girls are doing great. They are enjoying a much needed break in-between sports! They needed it, too. Those kids don't get a lot of down time; they're usually hard at it from 7 a.m. until bedtime, so this has been nice for all of us.
We've adopted a new siamese. I think it's a she, and possibly a young pregnant she, which is why we worked for a couple of days at luring her into the sign shop with tasty morsels. "She," I think I'll call her Sweetie Pie, couldn't resist. Anyway, we all felt (family decision) that if she were going to have babies, they would have a hard time surviving in the harsh SD winters. We're still working at gentling her down enough to actually check to see if she is a she, but there is definitely a big belly on an otherwise pretty slim cat. She is gorgeous though. I will have to get a picture. She is fluffy with brilliant blue eyes! And she winks. I once heard Siamese were noisy cats, but this one is most certainly the silent type. It usually takes me a while to find her when I go to the shop.
Hope you're having a wonderful New Year!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Feliz Navidad!

There is so much going on this season. It never seems to slow down. But for the first time ever, I have the tree up, the presents all wrapped (I'm usually wrapping Christmas Eve), and I'm kind of enjoying myself. My classes are all finished. I don't have the final word, but I think I got all A's. Woo Hoo! No classes now until mid-January, so I'm hoping to catch up on my blogging efforts.
My birthday was great. I had Guards that weekend, but made it home in time for a great supper and cake, planned and created by Kianna and Katlin - sweeties! Katlin made a beautiful cake. The girls gave me jewelry. The planned a great supper and even did the shopping, which is probably why I got food poisoning. I'm not even kidding. Apparently, the potato salad was outdated, as I was sick on the floor half the night in the bathroom. That's what I'm blaming it on anyway. (We found the outdated label in the trash.) Barry was kind enough to bring me a blanket. But the kindest thoughts were there, and I feel loved in spite of their attempts to kill me off. j/j...
The girls are finished with basketball season. They had a lot of fun and did very well. I only made it to 7 games total. School does keep a person busy. I think they are looking forward to a break, too. I actually even got Christmas cards out this year. Okay, I only mailed them today, but at least I'm trying.
Barry is working like a dog at the sign shop with my nephew. I showed up and offered to help, but they said they had it under control. So here I am. I'm getting ready to go upstairs and move the girls' bedrooms around. Should be fun. I always love moving furniture and deep cleaning. You never know what you might find...
So, I hope you are all having a great holiday season! Take care, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Hope it's all great!